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Students taking a photo while displaying their art projects.
Three students stand and smile for the camera
Group of students pose with two adult females.
Two students smiling together and posing for a picture.
Student working on a class art project.

Welcome to Cave Language Academy

About Us

Elmer Cave Language Academy is a TK-8th grade Spanish-English dual-immersion school where students learn standards-based academic content while gaining oral and written proficiency in a second language. As an additive model dual-immersion public school, we foster excellence in our students' bi-literacy in both Spanish and English.

Group of students hold their projects in front of them in a line
Core Beliefs and Values 6

We stand for developing and equipping our people to be the best they can be for our students.

VCUSD Core Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs and Values 5

We stand for quality and excellence in our learning environments and responsible and accountable stewardship of our resources.

VCUSD Core Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs and Values 4

We stand for the highest standards and expected efforts from all students, teachers, and staff.

VCUSD Core Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs and Values 3

We stand for a well-rounded, inquiry-based, culturally-responsive, and intellectually-rigorous course of study delivered by expert educators dedicated to developing these traits and caring for their students.

Core Beliefs and Value

Core Beliefs and Values 2

We stand for community-responsive, community-centered, and community-enhancing schooling and service for the city of Vallejo.

VCUSD Core Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs and Values 1

We stand for universal respect, full inclusion and full equity in our schools and practices.

VCUSD Core Beliefs and Values

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